Back Shooting!

It’s good to be back shooting. I took a look and my last time out to practice shooting was August of 2014. Except for getting out to the range for a short while in 2016 for a sighting check on my game rifles and a couple of shots at game, I haven’t fired a rifle since that 2014 date. My wife Jean got me off the couch and started me back into getting fit. In doing so I was exposed to obstacle course racing (the Spartan mud run stuff), got enthused, and have been fully engaged in that hobby since. I even did well. At age 60 I qualified to participate in the Masters Class (40+) OCR World Championships in Canada. No, I didn’t win, but I did come in well above half the pack. I don’t think that’s too bad when going against men 20 years younger. Anyway, I had fun, but I’m done competing. Competition started taking away much of the fun. Now I just want to stay in shape, run with the many friends I’ve made, help noobs, and have fun – AND get back to shooting, hunting, and fishing. (Since I have a wife that loves fishing, I need to fish more!)

Pertinent point regarding the above: In one of the resources the Rimfire Central forum pointed me towards, the author said something to the effect that strength and fitness will improve your shooting ability. I believe I just illustrated that point. Even after two and a half years not shooting, I shot a 440 (4x) and a 426 (6x) yesterday using my little Marlin 795. When I was shooting regularly my best was 429 (2x) using my Ultra Lux with a Boyd’s stock, spring kit, BRNO front globe and Gehmann Iris rear sight. Yesterday I noticed that I had much less issue with holding the rifle steady, even though over and over I caught myself using bad form. It’s going to take a bit to get myself back into using good form, but I’m excited at the improvement fitness has brought to my shooting.

25 Yard Irons Entry / 1-21-2017
Score: 440-4X (88, 90-2x, 87, 86, 89-2x)
Name/Age: Andrew Lindsay 61
Location: Allen, Texas
Gun: Marlin 795
Setup: Tech Sights, Sling, MCarbo Spring Mod, DIP Trigger and Trigger Guard
Ammo: Eley Sport
Notes: Shot at the Bullet Trap indoor range. Other than the dim light at that location that always plagues my old eyes, conditions were fine.

First rounds in over two years.  Not bad…

Three different groups, still not bad…

First set for the Rimfire Central Online Match.  I shot my best ever!

Second set for the Rimfire Central Online Match.  I needed to get home and was shooting a little faster with less concentration.  Still good, but my haste shows.

One quick Red Coat before leaving.  My haste really shows.