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  2. This listing of online matches is not meant to be comprehensive. The list only contains the matches in which I am personally interested.

  • 25 Yd Offhand Match – Any Gun / Any Ammo - Notes There are two matches going; one scoped and one irons.  Both are run from the same thread here. Targets Targets can be purchased in bulk from American Target Company. There are references to other places where smaller quantities can be purchased here. Here are three that are downloadable and printable: One from Bob: 1 …
  • 50 Yard NRA Prone Match - Information and Rules Information at RFC here. NRA Smallbore Rules at NRA here. NRA Smallbore Rules hosted here on this site. Target The Official NRA A-23/5. May purchase from American Target Company. (five targets, one 14×24″ sheet, $46 for 250) Summary 1. Course of Fire: 40 shots prone in two stages. 20 minutes allowed for …
  • Silhouette Match Instructions. - Instructions and Rules Match Rules and Details at RFC NRA Silhouette Rules at NRA web site. NRA Silhouette Rulebook downloadable from this site. NRA Silhouette Flier (2013) downloadable from this site – coming soon. Overview Match #1 – NRA Standing – 40, 60, 77, & 100 Meters or Yards (traditional Smallbore Rifle Silhouette) With steel …