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Quick and Easy Camp Stove

Here’s a little montage on my quick and easy camp stove. It’s nothing more than a Weber RapidFire Chimney (charcoal starter) and 1/2 of a CanCooker rack, but it works great. Best of all it required no assembly or fabrication, just the purchase of two off-the-shelf products. I went camping/hunting this last weekend after a big rain. All the wood was quite damp, but with some dry kindling and one match I boiled water in less than 7 minutes from the time I lit the match; a total of ten minutes if you count the time I used to gather the wood and kindling. I used the ‘stove’ for every meal, even to grilling a steak and cooking a sweet potato on the rack.

There are a ‘zillion’ DIY plans on the Internet and off-the-shelf camp stoves available. Most all of them are superior to this method. But this one works great and takes zero effort.