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Deer Porn

Here is a montage captured by my friend Bill’s trail cam’.  It’s great!

If the embedded video player displays an error then you may download the file for viewing.

Awesome Hog and Predator Light

Out this last weekend with the SOGNET group for some deer hunting. The we headed out at night for some hog hunting. I broke out my XLR 250 Kill Light® and the group was impressed. It gives you complete target vision at distances at or exceeding 250+ yards with eye shine visible up to 500 yards. It is awesome, rugged, and the battery life is amazing. (I’m guessing maybe 2 hours of high intensity illumination per rechargeable battery.) If you are looking for a high quality light then you should certainly check out the products by Elusive Wildlife Technologies. I’ve had mine two or three years now and from personal experience I can testify the light is everything it is advertized.  They have other, “better”, models, but I can’t imagine needing more than this light produces.
Kill Light XLR 250
Get it here.

Do-It-Yourself Electronic Predator Caller

I wanted an electronic caller, but it wasn’t (and isn’t) in the budget. But a little foray into the garage yielded the parts needed to put my own together.  If you had to go out and buy all the parts, it would probably run about $80.  It’s not wireless, yet, but it works and works well.  At the bottom of this post are links to the document in PDF and Word format.


Link to document saved as a PDF file.   (2.5mb)

Link to document saved as a Word docx file.  (11mb)

First Hog

Well, a noob at this, bit I still settled down and made the shot count.

I saw the group trotting along at about 80 yards, so I had the opportunity to drop prone and put down the bi-pod legs. (1st noob mistake – can’t track running hogs with a bi-pod.) Got the rifle up on my elbow (hogs now at 40-ish yards) and discovered can’t properly/safely track hogs running that close with scope at 6x. (2nd noob mistake – but in my defense until three years ago I’d shot shotgun exclusively for almost 40 years.) Got the scope down to 3x, but they had spotted me. Now they put on a burst of speed. But I had enough presence of mind to realize I’d already screwed up twice. So I settled down and started to hunt just like I have with any other animal during my life; that is ‘think’, not ‘react’. I repositioned towards what I thought they would see as an escape route. I got my NPOA ready for that area and only had to wait a couple of seconds. Here they came; running 90 degrees right-to-left (sweet) at full bore (pun intended, bore/boar, get it) at about 80 yards again. Anyway, I just picked out the biggest one, tracked her, and pulled the trigger when steady on the mid-neck.  I figured that would be a kill shot whether on target or high/low trailing (and I kind of expected trailing, not knowing how much to lead a hog at full speed). She when right down.  I’ve now officially bagged my first hog.

Tonight I go for coyotes.

PS.  Location was between Austin and Houston.  Rifle was a Browning BBR 30.06 with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9×50.  Bullets were Fusion factory loads.