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Awesome Hog and Predator Light

Out this last weekend with the SOGNET group for some deer hunting. The we headed out at night for some hog hunting. I broke out my XLR 250 Kill Light® and the group was impressed. It gives you complete target vision at distances at or exceeding 250+ yards with eye shine visible up to 500 yards. It is awesome, rugged, and the battery life is amazing. (I’m guessing maybe 2 hours of high intensity illumination per rechargeable battery.) If you are looking for a high quality light then you should certainly check out the products by Elusive Wildlife Technologies. I’ve had mine two or three years now and from personal experience I can testify the light is everything it is advertized.  They have other, “better”, models, but I can’t imagine needing more than this light produces.
Kill Light XLR 250
Get it here.

Outdoor skills site link

I stumbled across a kindred site today.  The gentleman knows much more of the outdoors than I.  His site is worth a visit.  LyndenHuggins.com

Firearms Radio Network

Here is something that I stumbled upon…

Firearms Radio Network.  It is an online network of “Broadcasts for Shooters, Hunters & Gun Enthusiasts”.

The network hosts a number of different shows on all sorts of topics firearms related.

JBM – Free Online Ballistics Calculators

JBM has been providing free online ballistics calculators and info for approximately fifteen years.  Here is a starting links to their site:  Calculators, Trajectory Card, Trajectory Card (simplified), Trajectory (drift), and Software Listings.

NRA Rule Books and Scoring Materials

NRA Rule Books and Scoring Materials

Compilation of Scope Information at RFC

The following thread at RimFireCentral contains a wealth of information on virtually every major topic related to scopes:  Scope Setup, Guides and Recommendations, Parallax, Depth of Field, Calibration, Mounting, and more.