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Awesome Hog and Predator Light

Out this last weekend with the SOGNET group for some deer hunting. The we headed out at night for some hog hunting. I broke out my XLR 250 Kill Light® and the group was impressed. It gives you complete target vision at distances at or exceeding 250+ yards with eye shine visible up to 500 yards. It is awesome, rugged, and the battery life is amazing. (I’m guessing maybe 2 hours of high intensity illumination per rechargeable battery.) If you are looking for a high quality light then you should certainly check out the products by Elusive Wildlife Technologies. I’ve had mine two or three years now and from personal experience I can testify the light is everything it is advertized.  They have other, “better”, models, but I can’t imagine needing more than this light produces.
Kill Light XLR 250
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Do-It-Yourself Electronic Predator Caller

I wanted an electronic caller, but it wasn’t (and isn’t) in the budget. But a little foray into the garage yielded the parts needed to put my own together.  If you had to go out and buy all the parts, it would probably run about $80.  It’s not wireless, yet, but it works and works well.  At the bottom of this post are links to the document in PDF and Word format.


Link to document saved as a PDF file.   (2.5mb)

Link to document saved as a Word docx file.  (11mb)