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Back Shooting!

It’s good to be back shooting. I took a look and my last time out to practice shooting was August of 2014. Except for getting out to the range for a short while in 2016 for a sighting check on my game rifles and a couple of shots at game, I haven’t fired a rifle since that 2014 date. My wife Jean got me off the couch and started me back into getting fit. In doing so I was exposed to obstacle course racing (the Spartan mud run stuff), got enthused, and have been fully engaged in that hobby since. I even did well. At age 60 I qualified to participate in the Masters Class (40+) OCR World Championships in Canada. No, I didn’t win, but I did come in well above half the pack. I don’t think that’s too bad when going against men 20 years younger. Anyway, I had fun, but I’m done competing. Competition started taking away much of the fun. Now I just want to stay in shape, run with the many friends I’ve made, help noobs, and have fun – AND get back to shooting, hunting, and fishing. (Since I have a wife that loves fishing, I need to fish more!)

Pertinent point regarding the above: In one of the resources the Rimfire Central forum pointed me towards, the author said something to the effect that strength and fitness will improve your shooting ability. I believe I just illustrated that point. Even after two and a half years not shooting, I shot a 440 (4x) and a 426 (6x) yesterday using my little Marlin 795. When I was shooting regularly my best was 429 (2x) using my Ultra Lux with a Boyd’s stock, spring kit, BRNO front globe and Gehmann Iris rear sight. Yesterday I noticed that I had much less issue with holding the rifle steady, even though over and over I caught myself using bad form. It’s going to take a bit to get myself back into using good form, but I’m excited at the improvement fitness has brought to my shooting.

25 Yard Irons Entry / 1-21-2017
Score: 440-4X (88, 90-2x, 87, 86, 89-2x)
Name/Age: Andrew Lindsay 61
Location: Allen, Texas
Gun: Marlin 795
Setup: Tech Sights, Sling, MCarbo Spring Mod, DIP Trigger and Trigger Guard
Ammo: Eley Sport
Notes: Shot at the Bullet Trap indoor range. Other than the dim light at that location that always plagues my old eyes, conditions were fine.

First rounds in over two years.  Not bad…

Three different groups, still not bad…

First set for the Rimfire Central Online Match.  I shot my best ever!

Second set for the Rimfire Central Online Match.  I needed to get home and was shooting a little faster with less concentration.  Still good, but my haste shows.

One quick Red Coat before leaving.  My haste really shows.

25 Yd Offhand Match – Any Gun / Any Ammo


There are two matches going; one scoped and one irons.  Both are run from the same thread here.


Targets can be purchased in bulk from American Target Company.

There are references to other places where smaller quantities can be purchased here.

Here are three that are downloadable and printable:

One from Bob: 1 – Tgt A9x2+scorechart-edit– print w NO Scaling

One colorful one I created:  2- Colorful A9x2

One that’s plain and simple created by another RFC member:  3 – A23 NRA 50yd Smallbore-no fill-2 bulls

Target notes from Bob:  Be sure to set printer for “NO Scaling” to get Std NRA dimensions on paper. Check with a ruler against inch scale in lower right before using target.  Once you get your printer settings correct you will be good to go.  Shoot just 5 bulls for score.   3 printouts of this  gives you 6 tgts,  I (Bob) usually use the first one for sight check, then score the next 5.  If you choose to use one of the 6 for sight-in, please do not score it !  Mark it with a big  $.

Match Rules

Shooting Position: Standing offhand. ++see below
Any Ammo
Sights: Any Scope (in Scpoe Class) or Any Iron sights (in Irons Class). No Aiming lasers. Red-dots OK.
Target: any NRA standard A9 / A23 BullseyeTarget ***(see below)
Range: 25 Yards, Measured from Muzzle
5 Bulls
10 shots per Bull

++Standing offhand means: Rifle fully supported by your body only. Body in natural free-standing position. No Rifle rests of any kind. Slings are Allowed. Handstops are Allowed

++ Standing Exception
– If you have a medical disability that prevents you from shooting in the standing position, then please feel free to do what you need to in order to participate. This includes leaning against something for support. But please note that no type of rifle rest is allowed. Folks in a wheelchair, please participate by shooting “off-hand” from a seated position. I don’t want anyone to be excluded from this challenge, but the spirit of it is to get off the bench/bags.

Match Procedure

1. Shoot 5 Bulls, 10 shots each. Score each target, total up the 5. A perfect 5-Bull score would be a 500-50X…[we will see about starting an Olympic Team fund for anyone who can do THAT every month  ]

2. 5 thru 10 rings count, outside the 5-ring = zero

3. Scoring: We use standard NRA scoring practice of highest-ring scoring- ie, a shot in the 8 that clearly touches the 9 ring when plugged, counts as a 9, etc. A couple actual target pictures below illustrate this.
Also See Joe Haller’s great tutorial post on scoring the A23 here – http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums…d.php?t=293358 Joe’s post was about benchrest matches, but the same scoring technique applies here. Joe had a nice graphic of how to score the A23 target here as well.

5. Shoot as many 5-bull rounds as you want during the month. By last day of month, enter your best effort for the month, formatted per #7, below.

6. A MATCH ENTRY set consists of five (5) pre-declared bull’s-eyes that will be shot for score. Once you start shooting for score, your next 50 shots are all “counters”, and the set is complete after 50 shots.
All 5 bulls in your entry set are to be shot on the same day.

7. Enter your score and equipment info formatted as follows. PLEASE use this exact format. To post your entry, just click the “Post Reply” button and type or paste in your entry form:

Entry Form

GUN SETUP: ___Scope ___Iron sights ___Sling
NOTES, WEATHER, or any other comments/excuses for how you did.

Pictures are nice but not necessary.
I (Bob) will gather & compile your entries, and then update our scoreboard (in Post#2) after the last day of each month. SCOREBOARD WILL ALWAYS APPEAR IN POST #2 OF THIS THREAD.
Feel free to share your progress throughout the month, but for actual match entry(s) please use this form, which has the word “ENTRY” at top.

50 Yard NRA Prone Match

Information and Rules

Information at RFC here.

NRA Smallbore Rules at NRA here.

NRA Smallbore Rules hosted here on this site.


The Official NRA A-23/5.

May purchase from American Target Company. (five targets, one 14×24″ sheet, $46 for 250)


1. Course of Fire: 40 shots prone in two stages. 20 minutes allowed for each stage. Your score must be taken from two consecutive 20 shot A-23/5 targets.

2. Sights: This will an Any Sight Match. Scopes of any power or Iron Sights are allowed.

3. You may use your 50 yard score from any NRA Approved or Sanctioned tournament you enter during the month of June. Or: You may shoot your targets during practice. You are allowed to shoot up to four matches each month, and post your BEST 40 shot score here in this thread.

4. Scoring the targets: This match worked on the Honor System. You may score your own targets, or you may have someone else score them for you. (Another shooter, or your WIFE)

5. Post your 40 shot score at the bottom of this thread.

Please use our standard format on the first two lines. It makes it easier for the Statistical Volunteer to do his job when setting up the Score Bulletin.


Score. Name. City, State. (screen name) (Age if a Junior)

Make of rifle. Make of score & power, (or make of iron sights) Ammo used.

On third and 4th lines you may write in other information about your equipment, weather, excuses, etc.



397-12x John Doe, Morton Grove, Illinois (Age 15)

Remington M-37. Unertl 1.5″- 16 power. Wolf Match Target.

Custom thumbhole stock. Kenyon trigger. Shifting winds to 15mph.

Light rain during first stage. Got caught by the wind on the last shot, and dropped 3 points.

Post Scores

Scores are posted in individual threads by month found here.

Silhouette Match Instructions.

Instructions and Rules

Match Rules and Details at RFC

NRA Silhouette Rules at NRA web site.

NRA Silhouette Rulebook downloadable from this site.

NRA Silhouette Flier (2013) downloadable from this site – coming soon.


Match #1 – NRA Standing – 40, 60, 77, & 100 Meters or Yards (traditional Smallbore Rifle Silhouette)
With steel targets or paper targets. Targets may be 1/5th or 3/8th size.

Match #2 – RFC Benchrest – All animals at 100 yards
With steel targets or paper targets. Targets may be 1/5th or 3/8th size.

Match #3 – RFC Benchrest – 60, 100, 125 & 200 yards.
With steel targets or paper targets. Targets may be 1/5th or 3/8th size.

Matches 2 & 3 will follow the traditional NRA silhouette rules pertaining to equipment, time limits, etc. or be classified as “Open” to include benchrest styled rifles.


Q&A, TIPS, TRICKS, and DISCUSSIONS are found on the RFC thread here.


Instructions for ordering targets are found here.
Scale drawings of the targets in PDF are found on the NRA site here.


The scoresheet is hosted on this site here as a PDF and here as a JPG.

Reporting Results

MATCH# (1, 2 or 3) Meters or Yards
SIGHTS: (Scope – “6-18x Nikon target dot”, Aperature – “Lyman”, Open)
AMMO: (Type of ammo used ex: Wolf Extra Match)

NAME: Sal Whouette
HOMERANGE: Scranton area, Pa.
SIZE TARGET: 1/5 Steel


Total Score – 17

Report results on the RFC forum.  Scores are reported in separate threads by month here.