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Squirrel Barking – No, not the sound they make…

Well, this is just fascinating.  Until reading about it in this post at RimfireCentral I’d never heard of the technique of ‘barking squirrels’; that is, how to kill squirrels without hitting ’em.

As mentioned in the forum thread, the technique is described fully in a ‘Guns Magazine’ article from April of 1956.  The full magazine may be viewed and downloaded (for free) from this link to the Guns Magazine website.  The article (only) may be viewed &/or downloaded from this link: 1956-04_Guns-Magazine_Squirrel-Barking-Article.

Now that I have a reliably accurate squirrel gun, in my CZ452 UL in .22LR, I suppose there’s no excuse for damaged meat.  I’ll have to try this technique and report back.